She is a scholar, a princess, full royalty
No ostentation, quiet, unselfish
Gentle in the face of criticism
Never an unkind word
Schooled in the needs of people
Her credentials were earned at the feet of Christ

Her life is a living testimony
Children that are loved and admired
A brilliant husband, accomplished and gifted
Yet with all of that she maintains an humble life
Bearing testimony to Jesus by her words and deeds
She is a person who wears well and is always welcome

Her life was not easy
She has worked hard and never shirked a duty
Concerned about her friends
She never met a stranger
Everyone received her grace
Kindness was her way

Now in her greatest battle
She absolutely trusts the Lord
The outcome isn’t sure but she is
An indomitable will submitted to Christ
We know the best will be
We pray for her recovery

Clay Corvin
April 8, 2009