Precious life
Oft forgot
Today, tomorrow, plenty of time
Then it ends no fault or blame
Life ends and we had so much to say

Precious life
As a child so slow
Days were sweet
Nights would never go
Then we were grown and everything changed

Precious life
Fast paced, denied
Tomorrow would be the day of joy
Work, family, worship at a breakneck speed
Then children were grown and on their own

Precious life
Empty nesters
Tomorrow is today
Aches and pains defer the joy
Soon we say tomorrow will be today
Then a sickness or accident and tomorrow will never come

Precious life oh so sweet
What we had cannot be beat
While we were thinking about tomorrow
We were living precious life each day
We were so blessed and it passed so quick
Thank you Lord for a precious life

Clay Corvin April 5, 2009