I feel like a failure, when I am alone,
Wanting to do good, I try
Success runs ahead of me, just put of reach
I wasn’t, then I did, sin is in control

I have been changed by Jesus
He came looking for me and found me
He liberated my soul, gave me strength for every day
Christ united me with God my Father, I am in His family to stay

I heard the glorious gospel, it spoke to my soul
His truth brought light for living, Jesus loves me
I have received His forgiveness, victory walks with me
He broke my bonds of slavery, He gave me light to see, now I am free

I believed in Jesus, I asked Him in my heart
I surrendered myself, now Christ is conforming me
To God’s reality, He holds me in the palm of His hand
Nothing can ever separate me from Christ, the Lord is Lord of me

When I came into His family, God wanted all to see
The Holy Spirit took His ring and sealed me
God declared “this one is mine,” he is bought with a price
He promised love and protection, death must flee, eternity was poured in me

Christ is Lord of everything, Christ created me
Now He’s come to help me be
A son of God, living life free, the Spirit of God resides in me
Jesus set me free, obedience is alive in me,

His image reflected in me
Christ is real and lives in me, guiding me to grow in Christ
The Lord fights for me, In Jesus I’m made free
When I feel like a failure, I get the Book

Clay Corvin April 18, 2009