I began this journey from the south, deep in the Negev, many thoughts
Wondering where you would begin, talking with me again
The desert was all brown, yet filled with wonder and awe
I saw the stars that looked on you, my heart felt renewed

Up the valley, the Dead Sea on the right, David’s flight on the left
Noting the Roman camp, they wanted to destroy all of You, they didn’t
Jericho comes in view, a tax collector followed You
Your Word was warming my heart, the events are real, a thrill
Have you spoken yet? Did I miss what you said? Please speak again

The Galilee was great, each morning on the shore, began with You
History unfolded, I saw Your hand at work, what a joy in my heart
Each day renewed my thoughts of You, I’m overwhelmed by Your work
Too much to see, put it deep in me, bring it out in bits and spurts giving recall to me

On to Jerusalem, I’m still listening, wanting you to speak
Each day goes so fast, the road passes by, another historical site
Then the walls of Jerusalem, that stoning place, God’s place
I walked all Your streets, they spoke to me, it happened here, my place

Soon I will return home, I’ve read Your Word and walked Your roads
You have been with me, every step of the way, watching as I slept
My life is dear to You, it makes me want to serve You, I pray I do
Home, familiar, time with You, You speak, here with me, I love You

Clay Corvin
October 17, 2007