O Jerusalem, walls that stand and watch, sin and all its work
The stoning of the prophets, worshipping evil’s kin
Sin, and sin and sin again, the years revealed in men

Why would God care? What is that gives man worth?
Love has come and brought His heart, Christ gives each of us worth
His love and care and grace bestowed, even when we don’t care

Why would you not believe? Stoning wasn’t the worst
Pride and hate condemned, the grace God ushered in
Then we sinned, condemning Him, we put Him on the cross

Rising from the dead, forgiveness offered free, grace a gift for me
But many would rather die in sin, than bend their knee to Him
Letting go the war within, many demanding sin, self the rule, they give in

O Jerusalem, you will see the day, each of us will know with you
That day when He returns, no alibi, no time to deny, the choice we have made
Chose right now, the Lord or No, Christ is here today

Clay Corvin
October 17, 2007