No exceptions, no excuses, life is real and we must choose
Right now where we are, life is available, unless we curse ourselves

Knowing God is important, the life-giver is the key to growth
Without His Word, without His way, we are destined to failure each day
Jesus speaks the truth in love, showering His mercy on us
Giving us the wisdom, to know God and love Him

Listen as you live your life, claim the time for His advice
Obedience strengthens our grip on life, it paves the way for sacrifice
Sacrifice deepens our walk of faith, we value others and build on grace
Knowing the way to His first place, will give us hope to live

Lasting now and tomorrow, I can see God blessing me, I will cling to Him
Life is real, and blessed and my way is God’s gift of life today

Clay Corvin
October 27, 2007