Growing in Christ by faith
Requires I walk His way, each day, without fail
Focusing on truth, applying His rule to my life
Letting His light shine in me, demanding purity
His goodness a gift from His throne
Praise God I’m not on my own
My experience is a result of His work
I live by His strength, create in me a new mind

Glowing because of His life in me
He puts His grip on me and gives me a grip on life
Self-control is active in me, don’t say it just do it
Master my passions and petty desires
Sensuality no longer in control of me
Piety and reverence a result of His work
I respect myself because of His love
I respect you because His life is in me

Glorifying God in all I do, I see His goodness
It is pervasive in all I do, troubles go leaping through
I am not lost in pity or foolishness, Christ in me
His strength, my all, divine love is His gift each day
I feel it in all Christ does in me, being love as I do for you
I am, you are, and we can change the world
Useful in the things we do
Fruitful because Christ is alive in me and you

Clay Corvin