Struggling with the system
Living in the light
Faith is my vision
Jesus gives me sight

Every day brings changes
A choice to belong
To the world with all its failures
Or the Father’s precious home

I want to be conditioned
By Jesus’ eternal hand
His touch is my direction
His look my command

Worthy is the Savior
Worthy of all my love
Jesus is the answer
As I deal with the daily drudge

Lift up all my anxieties
Let Christ see my heart
Spending time with Jesus
Equips me to walk in the dark

Now I’m struggling, struggling
Listening as He speaks
My angst muffles the connection
Jesus is distinct

This world is but a moment
My dreams come from Christ
The Lord fills my living
Christ is leading me

I’m surrendered to your leading
To often questioning the road
Lord redeem the time I squander
By walking on my own

Jesus is my mentor
He leads me through real life
Knowing all my failures
Victory arrives in Christ
CC 3/13/05