Church today
With godly men
Filled with pain
Forgotten gain

Living life without a net
Responsibility bereft
Because of mental loss
Or burdened by their cost

Addictions galore
Their dead at the core
Speaking Christ to them
Giving them a chance to win

Judgments set aside
Life disgusting
With all its bribe
To stay the way they are

And yet the chance is here
The homeless can find a way
To gain a renewed say
In what they do each day

Their value is in Christ
Not in how they last
Equipping them to change
To claim a life with gain

Gain that values them
A life that’s free of sin
Everyday is new
Responsibility grew

And then one day they are new
The journey often confused
But Christ is always here
Giving the will to win

Whole and clean
Christ is king
Life is renewed
The Lord will use you
CC 3/13/05