I see His hand
Each place I go
I’m surrendered to His call
I’m willing to be what Christ says
Knowing His love is complete
He wants me to know Him
And trust Him for my best

I’ve come a long way
Even today
Noting His skill
At leading me through my will
To surrender to Him
My will, my way, my day
It is always a struggle
My flesh demands its way
That is how I know it is Him
The Holy Spirit rids me of sin
What a protest when He begins

My gifts of management
Stand in the way
I think because I can think
I know the way
And yet life has many twists
None of which I know exist
Until they arrive full of fits

Lord thank you for tolerating me
Knowing my sin and forgiving me
A new day dawns
Eternity nears
My heart seeks Your hand
Guide me and lead me
I know you are here
CC 3/13/05