Coming up around the bend
We see Kalia again
A gorgeous oasis
In the midst of a harried land

Gentle people
Made of steel
Came here with a cause
Because this land is God’s

So many times we’ve been here
Stopped for just a night
Soon they will not be here
Deserted by the right

So many times the world
Blinds our eyes and ears
Better to be where God steers
Than to live a thousand years

Life is so confusing
The rearview shows it well
When walking in Christ’s direction
The path is often frail

Clinging to that direction
I believe I’m doing right
Then the moment beckons
Christ has you in His sight

Life is full of choices
The next right thing is best
Jesus will not let give you failure
His life will give you the best

Kalia will feel great failure
Soon they’ll be gone
But Christ will not depart us
He will keep us from doing wrong

CC 3/14/05