Be strong in the Lord – He knows all things and has already won the victory
His power not yours – we live in Him
Turn over your weakness
Accept His strength – Evil cannot win
Surrender, obey, trust in Jesus
He never wearies – Stand in Christ

Be strong in the Lord, He is our protection
Take up the full armor – just pieces will always lose
Never underestimate evil – its power will overrun you
Put on God’s armor deliberately – know what you are doing
Strap it on thoughtfully – His process involves your surrender
Prayer and presence – wisely claim Jesus name – He loves you

Be strong in the Lord – you need Him every moment of every day
Evil is a wily force – Satan’s minions are all over and everywhere
Seeking whom they might devour – you are on the menu
Let the Lord guard you – you have a new heart
New strength and new ways
Claim Christ’s power as you face the evil ones deception – obedience to Christ is key

Be strong in the Lord – we live on the battlefield
We are not fighting people – although they lie, cheat, hurt and even kill us
We struggle with principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and wicked spirits
Multiplied millions of fallen angels, living and working on earth with very little opposition
They are here, powerful and real
Only those alive in Christ can deal with them – You stand in Jesus

Be strong in the Lord- These evil ones are seeking to destroy you
Take up the full armor of God- gird your loins with truth – it holds your armor in place
Put on the breastplate of righteousness- it will protect your heart
Feet shod with the Gospel of peace- Jesus is the only way- He is God
Your shield of faith will extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil ones
The helmet of salvation protects your head, your mind- believe in Jesus

Be strong in the Lord- He provides for you to succeed in every battle
The sword of the spirit enables you to attack
Read His Word, Pray His Word, Remember His Word, Use His Word
Every lie of the evil ones are easily defeated by His Word
Know the Word, let it marinate in your soul
Stand in the Lord and you will not fall to the evil one- Jesus is Lord

Clay Corvin October 10, 2015