We follow God
With a wink and a nod
Surely He will listen
As we plot and plod
Never sure of what we want
But always sinful

He speaks real loud
We act real deaf
That’s not quite what we want
We grimace and strain
Ah we display our holy face
Our hands reacting with disgrace

Horrified at the pain that comes our way
Why would God do this?
Yet plainly the Lord has told His way
Come walk with ME He says
We walk our way
Talking, talking, blah, blah, blah

Stand and listen child of mine
I won’t accept your actions
The heart is deceitful beyond your understanding
The discipline I demand is for your good
Step out of the world
Stop going to Hollywood for your ethics

Live peacefully with ME
Do for others as I do for you
Forgive those that mistreat you
Take care of the poor, the prisoner, the widow and the orphan
Stop demanding your way
Spend time with me and let Me show you My way

Clay Corvin October 22, 2015