Oh Lord help me
Fear and loathing shadow
Fear for what I’ve not done
Loathing for the things I’ve done
I’m often paralyzed by my sin
Blinded from the Godly path
Truth is that’s a lie
Just an excuse-any work

Oh Lord help me
Laziness is my bent
Failing to spend the time required
To stand and face the consequences
Sin always at the ready to assert itself
Me weak and blinded by my ego
Pride demands its due-I’m in charge of you
My cries lay it down-deaths cold hand is all around

Oh Lord help me
Like Jesus I would be
My heart urges in the best of times
Go and spend United time
Letting Jesus fill your mind
Changing the way you deal with time
Letting Christ have his way
To train your hands and feet and mind

Oh Lord help me
I am weak and addle minded
Foolishness my bane
My past the pain
I want to know you, the fellowship of your suffering
With a pure heart, hands that work righteousness
A mind that runs to God
That’s my prayer sweet Jesus

Clay Corvin. October 25, 2015