Hear me child of God- Jesus is Lord
He is Lord of everything-that includes you
He is the king-he created all that we see, and feel and know
Above the hills – above the sky – Jesus is Lord
Christ is my help – whatever predicament I find myself in
He has a strong hand – a deep love – Christ died to save our soul

Jesus Son of God – maker of heaven and earth
Knows the problems we face – each one of them – all of them
He will not slip as He keeps track of us – He is here with me and you
No hesitation – His love is relentless – His memory is faultless
Jesus knows our thinking and He knows what is right
His watchful eye is upon us – He does not slumber nor does He sleep

There is no weakness in Jesus – He is able to stand firm
He knows what is going to happen and He prepares us
As we pray, as we work – Jesus is imparting His strength to us
Remember –we are always vulnerable – from anywhere and everywhere
Claim God’s precious Word – through it Jesus guides us – where we will go
As we come under attack – Christ is with us providing wisdom, mercy, and grace

Evil abounds – all around – constantly seeking to devour us – abuse us
Sin is a sleeping volcano within us – ready to destroy us
Our hearts are desperately wicked – Jesus forgives and heals
He knows how to deal with evil – the Holy Spirit gets our attention
Turn to Jesus and let Him heal you and remake you – whole again
Hear oh sinner – Jesus forgives – kneel before Him

Jesus protects us as we go out as we come in
In the highways and byways – Jesus can deal with real life
He prepares us – spend time with Jesus – think, pray and be
Our goal to be more like Jesus – our challenge is to remember His lessons
Hands and feet and heart need a guide – Jesus is the One
Surrender your life – and Jesus will guard your way

Clay Corvin October 31, 2015