She reminds me of Sarah and Ruth
Obedient, faithful and never far from the Lord

She tends her home and family, carefully, persistently
Christy a new mother, Ginger a new grandmother, Mike not far from her thoughts
Andrew finishing grad school/seminary, close, dedicated, a faithful son
Emily newly married, lovely and hard working
Ginger connected with all three, consistently caring and helping as needed

This year from Mike, hard, devastating, overwhelming, and just plain difficult
Ginger rebuilding, Mike seldom far from her thoughts
Recreating her life with courage and steel-she’s doing what she needs to do
Never wavering, sharing her heart in amazing stories
Healing as best as one can do when the world changes
Faithful to Jesus-faithful to her call-an example for us to follow

A formidable servant, an encourager in the midst of her own need
Refusing discouragement
Transparent, helper, cheerful and kind
She lives her life one minute at a time
Facing all that the world can throw
Jesus walking with her step by step – Ginger accepting His hand and Word

She is becoming, living with purpose
An accomplished teacher of God’s Word
Opportunities abound – Ginger is capable to the task ahead
Jesus is using her – she is loyal

Ginger is compassionate and wise
Kind to all, friendly to everyone
Generous, yet wants to be behind the scenes
A leader with exceptional gifts
She is walking the Word
Jesus the center of her life

All of us are grateful for her
Thank the Lord for this Godly woman

Clay Corvin October 9, 2015