Jewish-Roman, syncretism to the core, one threw away principles-Romans scored
Leading city, wealth and beauty, may have been the city sitting on a hill
Five miles from Nazareth, never knew Christ, He didn’t matter, Romans led life
This is not a new thing, Rome had its own idea about God and what was important

Rome was then and we are now, not much difference, hell has the say
Babies murdered, millions slaughtered, hunger a great problem in the world
Rome/Washington/London still ignore God, Iran proclaims death to Jews
This is news? What does civilization say? Oil 89 dollars today!

Get the picture-the world needs love and care-so do we
Who do you love? Who’s in love with you? Is sacrifice a part of your
daily life?
Listen to the words on wealth-remember we are the wealthy
What can I do? I’m only one- Change begins with one

We do what we can where we are-we put away our privilege and serve
Think about who counts-what can you do? Pray- Do acts of
kindness-without thanks
Learn to care-really care, for those not cared for, those hurting souls
Speak out where you are, bend your knee to Christ, Listen to God’s advice

Clay Corvin
October 15, 2007