Elijah came, Ahab’s prophets too, they believed Baal could do
What only a real God could do, reach His hand from heaven to you
A challenge, a day, finally Baal couldn’t be reached, God’s hand lit the wood
The slaying began, pagans galore, must have been blood, Elijah settled the score

Looking out over the Jezreel, breeze blowing through fragrant trees
How could the peace be broken, serenity if you please
All around the world is grim, Christians are murdered, justice is slim
The hand of evil is slaying good, what would you do if you could?

A fire is needed, a fire of love, a commitment to die for the Lord above
We aren’t rulers, His Word proclaims, we live each day in Jesus name
All around paganism rules, evil controls, people lose
Win the race, it will cost your life, Jesus in you will win God’s way

Clay Corvin
October 16, 2007