Marco Polo, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and the Crusaders admired Acco
All were here, did their work and moved on, it was never a great port
The Ptolomies came and named it Ptolemais where Paul sailed from
Biblical history overlooks it, Asher never took it, nor did Napoleon
Although he filled its harbor with guns, left on sinking ships

I like the Suk, I love the walls, once twenty foot waves threw water fifty feet
It was cold, Dennis and I both got soaked, I love the winding streets
I can hear the voice of history as I walk, Italian city-states, and Turks, Brits expelled
I can imagine Egypt’s interest 3,800 years ago, mentioned on a scroll
I enjoy the fruit juice sellers at Khan El-Umdan, fresh squeezed

Memories are powerful, even those we create, they push and shove us
Reality is often ignored, ideas in ones mind are strong
The cold hand of things from years ago can tip us off the edge
Suddenly we’ve done or said or felt, no reason at all, that we can recall
Our call is to give our all to Christ, the Word of God our guide

We may be like Acco, no footnotes, we are what we are
We are important because there is a Godly record, we count, our lives have value
God’s plan for us involves others, we do God’s work as His partner
We will face many obstacles, failure often our friend
We are not forgotten, our name is inscribed on the hand of God

Clay Corvin
October 16, 2007