Hazor smug and replete, known at El Armana and Mari
Banks and merchants scorned defeat, you really thought you had it made
Time and time and money galore, who could ever set you aside
Jabin sneered at God, uniting others to fight Joshua,

Hazor was burned to the ground

Few cities have had your fame, certainly haven’t lasted as long as you did
Along the way of life, your life was synonymous with wealth and power
God proclaimed your demise, you’ve never been the same
Few even know your name, fewer visit your courts, your merchants are no more

There is a moral in this story, nothing lasts in this world
We are sojourners just passing through, we can choose which way we go
God doesn’t strong arm or demand, He listens and holds His peace
Offering us His gift of life, even though we are wealthy and satisfied

One day the world we know will be gone, a new earth in its place
I’m not sure exactly what all that means I just know that God said it
It will come to pass, I can be a part of it or not, it really is a choice
Hazor made centuries of bad choices, let’s choose Jesus, His life our goal

Clay Corvin