I – you – live beneath our privileges…. We serve an awesome God… He loves us totally
Far beyond what we can think or see… He is with us in Christ
He has written 7,000 plus promises in His Word.. Jesus Christ says yes to everyone of them
His promises are for our welfare and benefit… they equip us to live life fully.. God is good!

The Lord covenants with us: He will hear our prayers, He will preserve the Church
He promises to reward us for being faithful, He never withdraws His presence from us
When we go to Him, He will receive us and help us, Jesus turns our tragedies into triumphs
Our sufferings and heartaches will not be more than we can bear, Jesus stands with us and heals us

His mercy and grace is immeasurable, His plan for us is a good plan
The Lord will give us what we need to accomplish His plan, we claim His power and guidance
When we confess our sin, Jesus forgives us of our sin and cleanses us from unrighteousness
The Lord will not give up on us, He will provide for our physical and spiritual needs

Jesus is coming back and will one day put an end to evil and death
But this day we are called to obedience, Jesus will establish us and we receive His blessings
We believe and claim God’s promises out of our obedience, obedience is the key
I am the only one that can obey God for me.

As I live a life of obedience, I build all of His promises into my life, I have not because I don’t ask
God is willing, He offers His gifts to me, when I live in obedience, His promises work in me
And they bless those around me and in me bless future generations
The Lord is not weak, He is strong in me, I claim His promises and live a life of obedience

Clay Corvin
September 28, 2013