Jesus is looking for you
Jesus died for our sin, is alive today, giving us access to the FATHER, cleansing us from unrighteousness
He paid a price we could not pay, living a life we fail to live, raised by the power of God
Jesus is our righteousness, He is the One that takes us to the Father, Jesus loves you and me

Jesus is looking for you
He gives us salvation, we have to accept His salvation and believe that He did save us
When we trust Him and accept His free gift, we get a new heart, a new life
We walk different, we talk different, we think about things differently: Jesus

Jesus is looking for you
Jesus deals with our sin problem, we live in HIM, He lives in us, giving us what we need
Walking with us as we live, His power, my surrender, His forgiveness, my acceptance
Refocused I live, Committed to do the next right thing, I fail, Repent, Christ forgives

Jesus is looking for you
Helping you understand your servant role, we are partners together with God
Sharing the Gospel, we study His Word, He grows in our new life, life in Christ
Obedience becomes a lifestyle, I am His, He is mine, all I have is His

Jesus is looking for you
Tell everyone you meet about Jesus, sharing your life meeting needs, Becoming HIS hands and feet
Everyone you meet has value and worth, treat them the way you want to be treated
Let the Holy Spirit teach you about Jesus, your immersion in Him will show, talk about Jesus

Jesus is looking for you
He has come for you, Jesus offers you life and light for living, seek Him while He may be found
Your life has value, God has a plan for your life, and Jesus will live it with you
Let the world know that Jesus is looking for them Jesus is looking for you

Clay Corvin October 26, 2013