I was taught to fear as a tiny child, everyone around me lived fearful mean lives
Courage was never talked about, innate sense of foreboding about everything
Luck was a cornerstone, Do you feel lucky? Circumstances dictated that I seldom did
I didn’t have an attitude of gratitude, every situation was a battle with winners and losers

One day I met Jesus, for me Christ defined courage, He took my fear of mankind away
His Word taught me to fear/reverence God, my Father in heaven provided courage for me
That day I begin a walk that feared God, that didn’t fear man, the Lord was my strength
Jesus brought peace, He equipped me to face life one day at a time, His love changed me

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise God our Father, He is the mighty God
He seeks me every moment, The Lord is with me, He leads me, Praise the Lord
Jesus is my bright morning star, He is with me in the darkest night, praise the Lord
Praise God for giving me what I need to live, for taking my fear of the world away

I seek the Lord while He may be found, I seek the Lord night and day, He delivers me
I walk with the Lord, reading His Word, letting His promises and directives fill me up
I talk with the Lord, He is my high tower, I stand with Him, He is my all
I listen to the Lord, He calls me to be obedient, I do the next right thing

The Lord is good and worthy of all of my devotion, I serve Him
A glass of water to the thirsty, a warm coat to the cold, a meal to the starving
Always telling others of what Jesus is doing in me, I serve you
As I serve those around me, I am serving the Lord, partners with the almighty Lord Jesus

Clay Corvin November 2, 2013