I can’t Lord – not that
I’m not experienced – it’s scary – I would like to
But I can’t
It would require too much work – Choices I don’t want to make
Send someone else

It’s you I want – you I’m calling
I will take care of you – I want you to be alive
My plan for you is perfect for you
I’m calling you to be active – care for others
Don’t let your feelings sideline you – I will give you the experience you need

There will be suffering and difficulty – the world will not conquer you
Evil is defeated – stay close to Me
My Word will guide your feet – my Word will comfort you
Read it – believe it – put it into action in your life
Be an encourager – I am alive in you – YOUR LIFE COUNTS

Evil will always try to overwhelm you – evil is horrifying
Evil isn’t everything- it has a beginning and an end
Bad men frighten us – overwhelm us – seek to destroy us
Learn all about evil – Learn about God
God takes evil and uses it as fuel in His furnace of salvation

We live in the world – do not be of the world
We always overestimate the world and underestimate Jesus
We will face hard things – God changes us to conquer them
God’s Words have no limitation – God is greater than anything
The Lord Jesus wants to take care of us. We count with the Lord.

Clay Corvin September 21, 2013