Amazing that it’s 45, where did our time go?
Vacations, trials and tribulations
Relegated to far ago

The now has been the best for me
Each now we celebrate
Every day is sweeter to me, I love the way we go

Yes there were huge obstacles
Yes we made mistakes, more me than you
We weathered them with kindness and love and made amends that worked

Oh those troublesome years
Bowed by challenges, embarrassed for a while
The Lord made up for each heartbreak and pain, His love a healing salve

Then there were the sickness years
More now than before
They too have resulted in blessings: God is so good to us

We are still walking
We are still living
Each passing day another living in the now

Thank you for choosing me
I am grateful for everyday of our life
I love you, you are my life as we walk with the Lord

To Carol Corvin on the occasion of our 45th Wedding Anniversary
Clay Corvin September 14, 2013