Jesus came preaching the Good News
The time has come
The Kingdom of God is near
Turn from your sins and believe this Good News

It is hope in a world of despair
God’s truth you can stand on
Clearing away the chaos of life
You are valuable and God loves you

It is peace for a world at war with God
Conflict everywhere
God is in control and He brings peace to our life
He gives us a new heart- a heart at peace with God

It is love in a world filled with hate
Unlimited love from the Father
His love destroys grief, wipes away heartache
He is looking for you right now and His heart has love for you

It is life when everything else breeds death
Our dreaded enemy death is destroyed
Christ brings life to us, life right now
The life Jesus gives us is life like the Father-eternal life

How can we get this Good News-the Gospel of hope, peace, love and life?
Believe in Jesus and you will have eternal life
Believe in Jesus and you will turn away from your sin-repent
Believe in Jesus and you will become part of the Family of God

Clay Corvin September 7, 2013