Poem – Psalm 85, 86, 87


The Lord God Almighty always does exactly what He says He will do.
Time does not limit Him. He sees tomorrow as clearly as we see today.
The Lord really loves the land of Israel.
The Lord really loves the children of Jacob.
In all their weakness and heartache. Their sinfulness is tragic.

By His own choice God turned away His wrath and anger.
His people, beloved people have returned.
Now the Lord is waiting on the people of Israel to turn back to Him.
He has made the first move. His mercy is great.
He is offering salvation to the children of Jacob.

The Lord is calling. He wants to guide us. He will direct us.
We must choose Him. We fear Him, love Him.
Jacob chooses foolishly. They maintain their attitude of ingratitude.
The Lord ignores them in their foolishness. He says He has a way.
Jesus Christ is His way. Christ paid the price of our sin.

He offers us the Lord’s free gift of salvation.
He will bring us into the family of God. Grafted into Jacob.
God’s own people. His mercy, His truth, no longer at odds.
Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He loves us.
Follow Him and you will be home.

Clay Corvin
January 12, 2022
North River
Northport, Alabama


We are poor and needy. The Lord bends down to listen to us.
We cry out, we plead, always with an eye on our need.
God just loves us. Not for what we do or say but because He does!

We need mercy and grace. Our best is but a blemish.
The Lord is our shepherd. He knows what we need.
That is exactly what He offers. Our God does wondrous things.

Jesus came to meet our need. His love expressing God’s character.
He wants to give us His power. He willingly offers us healing.
“Come to me when you are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Jesus said let me teach you how to live.
He calls us to share in His triumph over death. He gives us life.
Jesus is our helper. He cares for us. We are beloved of God.

Clay Corvin
January 12, 2022
North River
Northport, Alabama


God loves Jerusalem. It is His city.
Nations have destroyed it so many times.
Chaos, evil, idol worship, and wickedness have reigned.
God sees the end from the beginning. He sees the New Jerusalem.

God loves Jerusalem. It is His city.
Egypt, Babylon, Tyre, and Ethiopia all boast of their residents.
God boasts of His children from Jerusalem.
After all of these disasters, Jerusalem still counts with God.

God loves Jerusalem. It is His city.
Birthed by God. Continued by the Holy One’s love and care.
Now again occupied. “This one and that one were born here.”

One day soon we will go to be with our Father.
We will see Him face to face in the Celestial City.
Our name will be in the book. “This one is my child-enter in.”

Clay Corvin
January 12, 2022
North River
Northport, Alabama