3 POEMS – PS 82, 83, 84


Judges are required by God to judge justly and fairly.
God cares for the poor and orphans. The judges were criminals.
The judges offended God with their bribes and unjust judging.
It’s bad form to cheat the Lord God. He knows everything.
A judge’s lack of belief in God doesn’t set aside his guilt.
God intends for us to care for the poor and the orphan.

One day Jesus is coming back. He came with compassion and love.
His return will be a time of judgment.
The Lord is in control. We need His righteous right hand to guide us.
We desperately need His mercy and grace.
As we receive mercy and grace in abundance, let us give freely what the Lord gives us.
We will be measured by the way we care for people. Just like judges.

Clay Corvin
Northport, North River, Alabama


Hating the Jewish people is an art form in many parts of the world.
Anti-Semitism has destroyed millions of people over the years.
These are God’s people. A people He has covenanted with for eternity.
Yes, they failed on His purpose to evangelize the world. But they are still His people.
And that is why the world hates the Jewish people. They are God’s people.

God rules. God conquerors. God is not irrelevant.
He is the Creator and rules over all nature.
His purposes will always prevail. He knows the end from the beginning.
Nothing surprises Him. No one can outsmart Him.
God is our loving Father. But He has established how we should live.

Love one another. Bend the knee and help the poor.
God loves you. He isn’t interested in a co-regent.
Our ways are not His ways. He offers us mercy right now.
He would that all would come to know Jesus. The God-Man.
But one day, those who spurned God will stand before His wrath.

Clay Corvin
Northport, North River, Alabama


We seek the Lord. We yearn for His presence.
To see Him. We are His beloved.
When we see Him, we will be overwhelmed for He is so proud of us.

We are blessed to live in God’s house. We are with Him.
Even though we cannot see Him we know He is there.
Our heart bears testimony to His loving presence.

We are pilgrims on a journey home to God the Father.
Jesus Christ our Advocate walks with us, guiding us.
The Holy Spirit quickens our spirit to be sensitive to the needs of those around us.

Pray for one another. Be kind to one another. Cherish family.
We trust the Lord today and one day that trust will bear fruit.
We will be with Him forever. Face to face. Praising Him. Adoring Him. Jesus is Lord.

Clay Corvin
Northport, North River, Alabama