Abraham, God’s friend, on a journey God called.
No squirming, complaining, or weaseling out.
He packed up his family and everything he owned.
Left Haran traveling to Canaan – “and they arrived there.”

It’s a long way for so few details. Think about your call.
How often do you struggle for years to answer God’s call?
How often do you reject His call and go your way?
People count with God, and He is calling us to help people.

What will it cost you? Everything.
How long will it take? Until you stand before Jesus in heaven.
Who can go? Everyone you take with you.
How hard will it be? It’s only hard when you ignore God.

The key on your fantastic journey is to learn to control your emotions.
Emotions are the devil’s playground. They are one of his strongest tools to hurt us.
You count with the Lord. All the people around you count with Him.
Therefore, seek to control the way you act. Love one another.

Emotions are not reliable. Never base your faith on emotions.
We don’t pursue righteousness based on how we feel.
Turn your thoughts and emotions over to the Holy Spirit.
He will guide you in getting control of your emotions to do the next right thing.

Don’t accept everything you feel. Test the spirits.
Learn the Word of God, memorize it, quote it, depend on it.
Don’t depend on your emotions. Trust Jesus to guide you through.
Emotions come and go. This too will pass. God’s Word never changes.

Emotions will defeat you. They will manipulate you.
Negative emotions separate you from wisdom.
Never believe “if it feels good do it.”
Do what the Lord says. Now.

You want to please God. Make sure He is ruling your life.
If your emotions are ruling you, God is not in control.
When you are ruled by your emotions, they become your idol.
Trust God and follow Him, only HIM.

People get lost and die because of foolishness and lack of self-control.
Study God’s Word. Listen to HIM. Not your emotions.
Live for Jesus. Love for Jesus. Self-control for Jesus.
When you choose to follow Jesus, you will follow Him and not your emotions.

Clay Corvin – January 15, 2022
North River, Northport, Alabama