I pray that God blesses and protects you.
Receive His mercy and kindness and His wonderful peace.

Discouragement is devastating to one’s ministry.
Seek to let the Lord into your mind, filling your heart to overflowing.
His Word, His presence will help you deal with discouragement.
Sometimes it takes real discipline to keep your mind focused on the Lord.
Do it. The dividends it pays are worth your life.

The Lord is looking for you. He is seeking to bring order to your life.
Chaos is always seeking to seize us. Catastrophe is driving for the win.
Stop. Pray to the Lord. Let Him fill your mind with wisdom.
It’s simple to change. Stop doing what you were doing and obey the Lord.
He is God. He is in charge, and you are not. HE will guide you step by step.

God does not play games. He is looking for obedience.
He knows what we need and provides it.
He seeks our best good, even in discipline.
He knows all about us and He knows what tomorrow brings.
Follow Jesus. Don’t presume on God. Come to Him humbly.

You cannot fool God. You only wind up fooling yourself.
Drudgery is our test for obedience. Will I keep doing what God says?
Much of life is drudgery. Drudgery is where we often get in trouble.
Stop complaining. Do your job. Accept God’s blessings.
Do the work and you will see the profit in your heart and in your mind.

When we follow the Lord and submit our life to Him, we have joined the winning team.
Our Father is Lord of all things. His Son Jesus is His appointed king. We follow Him.
Jesus is coming back. He is coming back soon. Follow Him.
His promises in His Word were written for you and me. We can claim them. 
His strength is effective in our surrender. Do not fear. Trust Jesus. He loves you.

Clay Corvin February 19, 2022