Our salvation was not an afterthought
It was decided before anything was made
His plan for me was always the only plan He made
It is more than a pardon from sin
My salvation includes everything I need for the journey

He rescued me from death and hell
He put me on heaven’s path
Giving me the things I need
For growing, living, and being His
His life in me is the strength I need each day

I have a duty to live my life as His agent
Everything I say and do is a reflection on Him
Therefore I am focused in Jesus
I want to know Him more
I do this by reading His Word and putting it to work in my heart

The result is more than I could ever imagine
I have a relationship with the Lord God Almighty thru Jesus
I can talk with Him any moment, each moment of the day
The Lord is concerned about me, He loves me
My journey may be long or short but it will take me to heaven

Clay Corvin November 2, 2008