I was dead, alone in sin, Jesus rescued me
My life my own, my way was sin, Jesus gave me sight
He paid a price I could not pay, I wouldn’t even have tried
He was looking for me, I was filled with pride

His grace bestowed, I bent my knee, Jesus saved my soul
The price He paid on Calvary, was enough to bring me home
No more alone, His place my home, the Lord is Lord of me
Life is real, my heart is new, His love lives in me

Now each day, my life is renewed, the Lord alive in me
He leads my way His strength today, my walk shares His name
I am a conduit for His love, to all I meet, especially those in need
I am under orders the Lord is on the move, living His life in me

My past is past, my future rests in Him, Jesus is my friend
Fellowship with the Lord, a daily time with Him, refocuses my heart
Filling me with His strength and joy, encouraging my faith
Reminding me, that life in Christ is victory every day

Clay Corvin October 4, 2008