I have a problem
More than I knew
Sin is aggressive
It has a hold on me

I thought it was over
I said the right words
I purposed good
My will withstood

How can I fight
The sin in my flesh
It rankles and rumbles
I get no respect

I tell it be quiet
But then I see
Sin, sin, sin, my sin
It has a hold on me

I thought it was over
I felt so clean
Now I’m beaten
It won’t let go of me

I’m tired and defeated
I’ve worked so hard
To be the best Christian
In God’s yard

Suddenly I realize
There’s no power in me
Sin laughs at my antics
It encourages conflict in me

Jesus saved me cleansing my soul
The new heart I have is in His hold
Christ isn’t waiting for me to be strong
He wants me to let Him have my goals

Forgiveness and living belong to the Lord
In Christ sin’s defeated
Victory each day
Living life Jesus’ way

Clay Corvin, November 8, 2008