Being lost in Rome
Six thousand miles from home
Hours and hours
Discovering my way

Down pastel streets
Buildings older than age
Secrets of passersby ensconced in stone
Reveal to me their elegance

Feeling history underfoot
Along the Sacred Way
The Forum shines in the sun
Once filled with law it lies undone

Walking back to La Naumachie’s
Thin pizza and house made pasta for lunch
Stopping for meditation at San Clemente
Two blocks up to the Lancelot for a short nap

Early afternoon to the Vatican
Watching the Swiss Guard function
The piazza and St. Peter’s filled, stunning
It is a storybook at every glance

Today on my own experiencing Rome
Grandeur on display and I was properly overwhelmed
Sights and smells grabbed my mind
This one-day lost in Rome was mine

Clay Corvin November 12, 2008