I worked I slaved to be renowned
Gave all that I had
Just to achieve
The accolades of man
What more could I have done?

Along the way
My family died
Children I didn’t know
Times I was away
I did it all for God

Today I stand before my Christ
I survived my sacrifice
Although many others didn’t
I know that I have victories
I did it all for God

Jesus looked so hurt and pained
“All I wanted was obedience
For you to be a slave
Meet the needs of those you knew
Care for the hurting, search for the lost”

“Following me brings life
All around are those in need
I don’t love sacrifice
My call was to serve family, others and ME
What you did was for you!”

Jesus forgive me
I got it wrong so many times
When I am weak you are strong
“I forgive you of your wrong
Come into my rest you are home”