A letter to the saved
You must love one another fervently
It is hard to love the unlovely
This is required of you as an act of obedience
Love is not an emotion
It is a full time activity
In our surrender to God it is genuine

You are born again; a new heart beats in your body
Within you is a seed of the Lord Jesus Christ
Obedience provides the ground for this likeness to grow
It is Christ-like to love; it is an act of our new will
Jesus is Lord of our life; we live for Him
We choke out fleshly actions
We cultivate a new life of love day by day

Cultivate this Godly love
Carefully walk under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
Turn your sin over to Jesus; stay confessed up
Do not tremble but walk proudly in your close relationship with Jesus
Jesus will guide your actions every moment
Spend time with Him in His Word and talking with Him
Give Jesus your heart and your devotion for He loves you

Change is the requirement; become more like Jesus
Seek to know your weaknesses and let the Lord control them
Know yourself; constantly let His Word search through you
The Lord will touch your failures with victory
Each day you will become more like Jesus
Fervently love one another from your heart
Jesus is alive in you and you represent Him

Clay CorvinĀ  2/6/10