We have a living hope
Christ our Lord and King
He knows and cares
Our life is precious to Him
His love for us will take us to Him
He provided a cure for our sin
It was Him, His life for our life
Jesus is alive in me

We have a living hope
He knows everything we face
He faced and defeated sin and loneliness and limitations
All of those things that we let get us down
Jesus faced them and overcame them
We have Him as our example
The Father fought His fights
Christ’s faith was in our God, His Father, He was the Son

He is our future hope
An act that is yet to be
My life is pure in Him
He cleanses my heart
He is Lord and He will be Lord forever
By our faith we grab hold of our life
Christ is all we need
Jesus is able to save us forever

He is our future hope
My sin is so very big
I do sin so well
Even when I declare my innocence
Sin has a hold on me, whispering “I’ve got you now!”
I declare in Christ who is my hope
Destroy that sin in me and set me free
Jesus cleanses me and cleanses me

He is my sure hope
No on can take Him away
His peace and grace fade not
His kingdom is for now and forever
He is alive and well in me
Jesus is here to stay
His glory is perfect
He gives me just what I need-courage to be free

Jesus is my sure hope
He protects me He hears my plea
His protection heals my soul
Yea though I walk through the valley of death
Jesus is here for me I am to glorify Him
When I fail miserably
Jesus is still here
His power protects me, Christ is in control

Clay Corvin 1/30/10