All would be peace if left to me
A life of ease filled with glee
Joy enough for every day
No one hurting, just sunny day
It’s obvious to me almost every day
It’s not left to me to design my way

Suffering occupies so much of my time
My bones, my muscles, each step I take
Adding to my tale of woe
The heartache and grief of a life on hold
Tomorrow we will do this
If only I didn’t face this I would do great

This vale of tears is but for a short time
We are training for eternity
When all things will be beautiful
This alien land I live in seeks to swallow me whole
But I refuse to be defeated
Jesus Christ is in control

In suffering my faith is tried
I reveal my sinful side
Christ is able to tutor me
Preparing me to be the one He created
Helping me to look up and step out
When I am weak He is strong

I rejoice not because my life is easy
His life lives in me, Jesus alive setting me free
Every step of suffering lets me see Jesus at work
His world refuses to know Him but I know Him
He is working each instance of suffering
Shaping me into His image, I see His face from the cross

So I am suffering with Him
Knowing the pain and emotion that Christ felt for me
I am partnering with Christ so that everyone might know Him
As I suffer the spotlight of heaven shines on me
Angels look with awe at His amazing grace
Once again His grace renews me and keeps me free

CC January 16, 2010