MY SIGHT – MT 7:14

MY SIGHT – MT. 7:4

I grasp the images of my youth

Pain and evil swirling round

Knowing all the while it’s through

I’m rid of you


Yet I hang on to those images

Viewing again and again

As a vacant tooth cries for a searching tongue

I seek out those things that hurt me


At the same time I criticize you

Do this; don’t do that

This is how you should be living

Oh God how can I be so blind?


Daily I’m bombarded with images

My eyes the windows of my soul

Lord if I can’t control old images

How will I deal with each day?


Trauma of any type

Burns images in our soul

Desperate to be whole

Lord cleanse me from evil


These images lie to us

Claiming we are this way

I know who I am, Jesus has cut me free

His precious blood cleanses me


Open my eyes Lord that I might see you

Give me release from these images controlling me

Help me see myself through Jesus eyes

That I might be a servant to those around me


Slowly slowly I am freed

Jesus has a hold on me, I have a hold on Him

My vision for God sharpens, I know Him better

I see YOU Lord; More of You; Less of me; Jesus is Lord


Clay Corvin   February 15, 2015