Jesus taught by word and action
Demonstrating what the Father wanted
Showing how the Father cared
He was Lord and had great compassion for the people

Feeding 4,000 with seven loaves of bread
His disciples passed out the food
Seven baskets of leftovers
The Father had blessed the bread with plenty

Jesus is always enough
Whatever you are facing
Jesus is enough
He will meet your needs

Pharisees demanded a sign
Jesus was more than enough
He was God’s sign
The Lord would forgive our sin making us part of His family

Even then the disciples were in the dark
They didn’t catch His message
Jesus spread His light
Beware of the ways of the world-it will infect you, sideline you, overwhelm your heart

Open your eyes-God is calling you
Believe by faith and the Lord will partner with you
Soften your heart- there is much to do
When you are down – remember what the Lord has done for you

Clay Corvin February 21, 2015