Give ear; give ear to my words Lord
I’m in trouble; life has caught me in a bind
I need your fullest attention; I love you Lord
My trouble is gnawing at my soul; help me

You are the only ONE Lord; there is no other
As I cry out to you; I’m mindful of my needs
Let me recite them to YOU; I know you are listening
My heart is right; I am innocent in this fiasco

Lord the lawless and wicked are attacking me; they are acting the fool
I know that the foolish will not stand; I trust in your power Lord
Nothing gets by You; they have no claim against me
You abhor the deceitful; they have no future; my future is with you

Lead me Lord in your righteousness
Protect me from the evil schemers and their schemes
I do not want revenge; surround me with Your favor
You are my shield and protection, I belong to you Lord

Oh Lord I am grateful; thank you for listening to me
I know I am heard; I know You care
Your love is my life; Your blessings are innumerable
Bless the name of the Lord; You O Lord are my God

Clay Corvin February 11, 2015