Getting off of a cruise ship can be very unnerving and aggravating. Today was an exception. I suppose it was because we were the only cruise ship in the port today and we didn’t have but about half of our folks leaving the cruise at this point. The cruise had a second stage for 16 more days that many folks had added. They will cruise to Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea and then back to Rome where this cruise will end and another cruise program will begin.

We caught the elevator going up and then once we filled it up going up we went down to the 5th floor and walked off. Our luggage was easily found and we picked it up and walked out of the staging area and our driver was waiting for us.

The trip to the Lancelot was two and one half hours because of a back up on the auto strada and we checked into the Hotel Lancelot. The day has been lazy and slow. A friend of Carol’s mother passed away and the funeral was today. That is a sad note. We are praying for the family.

We filled up the afternoon by walking to the Circus Maximus and then up to San Giovanni in Laterno. People are really amazing. All sizes and shapes and each one a work of the Lord. God loves people most of all.

Today’s Bible reading was in 1 Samuel dealing with Saul and the demise of his rule in Israel. Saul was king for a long time but the end result was zero, the Lord took the kingdom away from Saul and gave it to David. I know we write and think a lot about David and his life and well we should. But, I was thinking about Saul today. I sure don’t want to make Saul’s mistakes. I do want to do what the Lord is calling me to do. I do want to please the Lord. Caring for others is one way we can please the Lord.