We arrived at Almeria and docked early this morning. The day started out foggy but developed into a beautiful, sunny day. We traveled by bus to Cabo de Gata Natural Park and then visited Nijar, a picturesque village featuring white-washed houses and local handicrafts. The shops in Nijar had really nice pottery and local weavings but both were too heavy to carry along. The interaction with the people of the area was good. There are a lot of British and German residents in this area. Also, since the economic downturn there is high unemployment.

Our cruise days are winding down. Only five more days and we will leave the ship in Rome. This continues to be an excellent experience. We are very grateful for this opportunity. Amazingly there hasn’t been a lot of free time. We’ve participated in many of the ship board events and gotten to know by sight many of the folks on the cruise.

Tonight we finished our evening meal and headed back to our cabin. There is event in the Queen’s Lounge that is very good but we opted to relax tonight. The waves and wind are still high. Oh my I am grateful it wasn’t like this crossing the Atlantic.

We have monitored Jimmy’s situation. I noted that he might get out of the hospital on May 18. That would be great. We are continuing to pray for both him and Retia. Also, for Jason and Eric and their families. This sure puts a lot of pressure on them.

We are also praying for graduation and all of the things going on at the end of the school year. All of our folks have worked so hard this year to make everything work out well.

I talked with Mel Jones this week. Our house leader left. Please add Mr. Martino to your prayer list. Mel is doing such a great job and I am praying for the Lord to raise up the right person to take Mr. Martino’s place.

We miss our precious children and grandchildren. I wish that all of you could be with us.

Blessings on your day. Clay