Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands. Ibiza Town is the administrative center. The fortified town is perched dramatically above its natural harbor. Charles V built the fortifications in the 16th Century. The castle is the centerpiece for d’Alt Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The squared off, white homes are built close together. They literally spill down the side of the mountain from the fortifications all the way to the harbor. The streets between the homes are very narrow and are lined with cafes and shops.

Phoenician merchants established the town in 654 BC although there is some evidence of earlier societies. Our time on the island was spent visiting Ibiza Town, d’Alt Vila, St Joseph, and St Antoni. It sprinkled on us all day. The first comment our guide made was don’t worry about the clouds because it never rains here.

It was a very quick day. I barely got my 10,000 steps in and then it was time for dinner. Our ship pulled out of Ibiza at about 5:00 pm and as we had dinner we were able to watch the island disappear as we set sail for Taormina some 700 plus sea miles away.

Tonight at 10:30 pm they had a choclate extravaganza. Yes we went. Yes we took pictures. Yes I did partake a very small amount. It was good.

We have noticed that there are some significant pluses to being on a small ship like the Prinsendam. You can find folks that you chat with easily. You get to know a few more people. We are enjoying our cabin and the routine of being at sea. It is comfortable and enjoyable.

Blessings. Clay