Monday we were planning to visit Portimao, Portugal but the tides and wind kept us out of the harbor area and we had a sea day. We were looking forward to visiting this bustling fishing village but it was not to be so we enjoyed our sea day. It was very relaxing and went by all too quickly.

We docked at the Port of Cadiz early this morning about 6:30 a.m. Cadiz is a big seaport and is the capital of Cadiz Province Spain. This city was one of the few in Spain able to withstand a siege by Napoleon. The city was originally named Gadir by the Phoenicians in 1100 BC when it was their trading post, later controlled by the Carthaginians and then by the Romans.

The old central quarter of Cadiz is famous for its picturesque charm. We walked thru the center of the city. Rode a bus around the outside of the city. When we finished our touring we walked back across the city to the port. Carol shopped in several of the stores. I enjoyed the sight seeing and ambiance of this beautiful Spanish port city.

We sailed out of the Port of Cadiz at 5:30 p.m. Carol took pictures and I just stood a watched as we sailed away towards tomorrow’s destination Almeria, Spain.

What is significantly notable about today is that we are completing two weeks of our cruise today. This has been and continues to be a great experience. The luxury in traveling by ship to sightsee is remarkable. This is so much fun! Also, the time passes so fast.

Tonight we enjoyed walking on the promenade deck after dinner. Chatting and walking for forty-five minutes seemed like no time at all. This cruise is a special experience. Carol and I are both enjoying every aspect of it.

At the moment as I write we are passing the North African landscape and entering the Straights of Gibraltar. The map says we are close to Morocco. The Captain said we will pass Gibraltar about midnight, three hours from now.

What a day. Thank you for your prayers. We are faithfully remembering you. Blessings Clay.