Do you believe in angels?
Created beings
Serving God
Sometimes appearing to mankind

Mary didn’t know a thing about angels
Gabriel appeared
Mary trusted God
The angel didn’t scare her

Mary, you will give birth
He will be Jesus the Son of God
How can this be?
Mary listened and thought

God said Mary was a favorite
He sent Gabriel to clarify
She would birth the Messiah
Mary surrendered her life

Trust and discipline
Her character was critical
Counting herself a servant
With childlike faith she believed God

This was a real event
Experienced by real people
The presence of the Lord God
Witnessed by Mary

Cultivate a humble heart.. claim God’s grace for your life
Think on His Word-meditate day and night
Believe in the Lord, He will deliver you
Submit your way unto the Lord – He will not disappoint

Clay Corvin 12/05/09