Unclean, unclean my heart declares
My hands and feet agree
All the sin my life has spawned
Has made a leper out of me

No you can’t see the festering wounds
They encircle my heart
Hidden from sight the sores of life
They move me into the night

I’ve worked so hard to find my way
All my steps my own
Even as I declared my faith
The Lord said he is on his own

I worked harder trying to please
Almost there my sin would reveal
The thing that Lorded over me
Self, and self and self again, only Jesus can save me

I kissed the ground at Jesus feet
Oh Lord I’m desperate to be healed
Only you can save my soul
Jesus please forgive me

Jesus Christ the Lord of life
Reached forth His nail scarred hand
Be healed my son and follow me
Jesus gave life to me

Clay Corvin 11/28/09