Foretold for 3,000 years
Someone is coming, the lamb of God
He is the Son of God
Creator of all – come to mankind
Born of a virgin, in a manger, in Bethlehem

His mission was to save us
We couldn’t save ourselves
Our days are harsh and unfair
Jesus changes all of that-He saves us
Salvation gives us a relationship with God

God’s precious Son came into our world
Lived under our rules and restrictions
Totally submitted to the Father
His faith was perfect-His life perfect
His journey was for you and me

Jesus, Son of God, brought truth and life to us
His light was for our life
Giving us what we need and cannot earn
His grace was more than enough for each of us
Always overflowing from His heart

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life
Giving us a seat at the banquet table of God
Making us children of God
Equipping us to spend time with God
His forgiveness is the gift of life

God is with us- we are no longer alone
His salvation equips us to live life now
Our future is secure, nothing can separate us from God’s love
Our past is no more, Jesus gives us a new heart-a new life
Today becomes the best day-Jesus is Lord in me

Clay Corvin 12/12/09