LONDON – JUNE 30 2009

Wow, this was a really active day. In going about our activities I’ve walked 15,000 plus steps. That is why weight isn’t a huge problem in Europe-folks walk everywhere. It all went smoothly, every single step.

We began by boarding the 24 bus and traveling to Westminster. Three blocks and we were at the Churchill Cabinet War Room Museum. We hurried and still spent more than two hours. I wanted to visit the Foreign Office when we finished but didn’t have the proper introductions and appointment so we walked on down the street to the nearest underground.

The Tube was a quick ride to the Tower of London. This is a massive complex that is a historical museum and also houses the Crown Jewels. Went there, saw it all, took a while and a lot of steps but we survived. It was 1:15 p.m. and we hadn’t eaten lunch so we took the Underground back to Victoria Station and had a quick bite at Pret a Manger (upscale fast health food).

This evening we had dinner at the Giraffe. This is a family friendly restaurant. Loud, lots of kids and good food.

We hopped on the London By Night bus at Victoria Station. It was a great two hour experience touring around all of London. Things look different at night. Central City was empty and the buildings were beautiful. Lovely experience. All of us enjoyed it. The guide commented that they didn’t get many nights as beautiful as tonight. Warm weather and clear skies is a rare event in London.