LONDON – JUNE 29 2009

We have traveled to London on this part of our sabbatical. Carol is doing very well with her walking and as usual when we go somewhere in the spring or early summer they always have heat records. Rome had the hottest week on record in May-we were there. Santa Fe had the hottest week in June-we were there. Now in London we have discovered the hottest week in June-near 90 degrees each day. Unusual they said for London.

We have lived in New Orleans for thirty plus years. We know 90 degree weather and this is indeed 90 degree weather but when the sun goes down it is quite nice and we have already experienced two evenings of enjoyable walks around the Westminster area. Our flat is on Warwick Way and the restaurants we have been frequenting, and Starbucks are on Wilton Road. We are only a short distance from Victoria Station. This area has a lot of small hotels and nice apartments. A couple of blocks toward the River Thames are very nice houses.

Today was all about getting to know London. We had an all day guided tour by British Tours and our guide did a superb job. We traveled thru all of the Central London boroughs plus had lunch in Hampstead Heath. We traveled along the River Thames, saw the changing of the Horse Guard at 11:00, traipsed through Westminster Abbey, coffee at the Methodist Building, smelled the roses at Regent’s park, walked thru the water feature (it isn’t a fountain) built in honor of Princess Diana, entered the City of London, saw more buildings than I can recount, and ended our touring today at the Tower of London Bridge and the wharf area. My head is spinning from all the places we visited and at the time it seemed an unhurried pace but at the end of the day it is a long list. Tomorrow we go back to begin visiting the places we liked in depth.

Blessings on your days. Our trip is another travel blessing and adventure. We are grateful.